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Flight Safety Technologies.
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has dropped an investigation into the company without recommending any enforcement action. The company was first told of the probe, which examined analyst reports and press releases, in 2003. "The SEC staff did not assert that the company had acted improperly or illegally and the company voluntarily co-operated fully with the staff's informal investigation," says the company.


The US Air Force has revealed that the manufacturer's programme to build 12 GPS satellites is facing a delay of more than a year. The first launch will now take place in May 2008 instead of next January after an independent programme review that has also called for additional funding. Subcontractor delays, circuit design complexity and the scale of the assembly and integration effort have caused the delay.

Bad week

"We may not be able to reverse some of the mistakes that we now have to deal with, but maybe we can keep something stupid from getting started."

air canada CEO robert milton on the need to fight restrictive legislation



Source: Flight International