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The UK-based materials supplier is pushing ahead with its plan to expand in France by opening the first paint production facility at its French site. The company has had distribution close to Eurocopter's Marignane headquarters for two years. Managing director Jim Rowbotham hopes the new ability to supply small quantities quickly to local customers will help it gain a foothold with the helicopter maker. It currently supplies Eurocopter subcontractors.



Pakistan international airlines,

which has been left without a chairman after the sudden resignation of Tariq Kirmani. This is just the latest in a string of bad news for the airline. In March, the European Union banned it from operating European routes with all but its Boeing 777s, forcing it to suspend some flights and seek aircraft to lease. And closer to home, its domestic routes have been hit by a ban on operating Fokker F27s after a crash last year.

Bad week for...

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"I've never found a detached observer who has denied the fact the US regime is the most supportive and the UK regime is the least supportive."

Chris Geoghegan, president of the SBAC and executive vice-president BAE Systems



Source: Flight International