Professional standards have been set for new occupations in the Canadian aviation maintenance and aerospace manufacturing sectors.

The Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council’s (CAMC) National Occupational Standards detail the skills, knowledge and competencies required to perform the duties of the role.

The new standards are for structures assembler, composite fabricator, electrical/electronic assembler, aircraft mechanical assembler and aviation maintenance manager. CAMC has focused on practical professional development to create the only Canadian certification system for aerospace and aviation workers.

Les Aalders, CAMC’s acting executive director, said: “The release of the five new National Occupational Standards is key to supporting the environment we now find ourselves in.”

The standards set for assemblers are designed to add to existing nationally recognised programmes and establish a basis for certifying qualified assemblers and fabricators employed within the sector.

The aviation maintenance manager standard has been established at three levels to allow for staff progressing from different tiers, from worker level positions (eg mechanic) up to higher tiers (eg department director or director of maintenance). All three give a set of standards in which workers can base their career development.

Source: Flight International