Freight carrier Cargolux has ordered another pair of Boeing 747-400Fs which will provide interim capacity ahead of the delivery of the operator’s new 747-8 freighters.

One of the operator’s new 747-400Fs will be delivered in summer next year while the other will follow in summer 2008.

The airline has ordered ten new Boeing 747-8 freighters, to replace the 747-400F fleet, but deliveries of these will not begin until 2009. The airline says: “With the two new [747-400F] aircraft we will bridge this period.”

Cargolux’s latest order will bring the Luxembourgish carrier’s fleet to 16 of the type; the airline has cancelled the introduction of a second-hand 747-400F which had been scheduled to enter service at the end of this year. This aircraft has been sold.

Cargolux 747 W445

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Source: Flight International