Andrew Doyle / Villaroche

CFM International (CFMI) plans to enter the maintenance, repair and overhaul market around the middle of the next decade following the expected entry into service of new-generation narrowbody replacements for the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737.

CFMI joint-venture partners General Electric of the USA and France’s Snecma compete to offer CFM56 support services through their GE Engine Services (GEES) and Snecma Services arms, respectively. However, CFMI president and chief executive Eric Bachelet says the shareholders have decided that support for an eventual all-new CFM56 replacement will be provided jointly under the CFMI umbrella.

The move reflects the fact that sales to airlines of new engines and “power-by-the-hour” support packages are becoming “completely integrated”, says Bachelet.

GEES and Snecma Services are facing increasing competition from third-party CFM56 maintenance providers, but Bachelet says there are no plans for CFMI itself to offer support for its existing product.

Source: Flight International