Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (Comac) plans to give Comac C919 work to companies formerly from China Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC) II.

Hongdu Aviation, otherwise known as Nanchang Aircraft, will be producing the C919's aft fuselage, says Comac VP and C919 chief designer, Wu Guanghui.

The C919 will use composite materials for the fairings and moving surfaces and Harbin Aircraft will be producing some of these, says Wu.

These two companies were previously part of AVIC II which has since merged with AVIC I.

Wu also says Shenyang Aircraft will produce the empennage and Chengdu Aircraft the nose.

Xian Aircraft, meanwhile, will be working on the cockpit and producing the wings and main fuselage, he adds.

Another Comac official tells ATI that Comac will make the horizontal stabiliser and Shenyang will make the vertical stabiliser. Xian Aircraft, Shenyang Aircraft and Chengdu Aircraft were formerly AVIC I companies and already produce parts for Comac's ARJ21 regional jet.

The Comac official says major systems for the C919, such as the engines and landing gear, will be selected towards the end of the year.

Comac is aiming to have the 156-168 seat C919 built in time for first flight in 2014 and entry into service in 2016.

The aircraft-maker's director of marketing and sales, Chen Jin, says they have told engine-markers that the engines must have 12-15% lower fuel consumption than jet engines used today.

He also says the C919 will have a more aerodynamic design and "make better use of advanced materials to reduce weight".

Chen says in next year's first half Comac aims to announce customers for the C919.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news