More than 200 pilots in China were found to have falsified qualifications on their resumes two years ago in a check by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.

The finding, which was not made public at the time, surfaced recently in an aviation safety conference hosted by the CAAC, say local reports.

The pilots were found to have falsified certain qualifications on their résumés while job-hopping, say the reports. Half of the pilots who were caught were reportedly with Shenzhen Airlines, the parent of Henan Airlines, the operator involved in a deadly air crash in August.

Authorities have ordered the pilots to stop flying or undergo assessments to verify their qualifications, say the reports.

Shenzhen Airlines' officials could not be contacted for comment.

Air safety in China came under the spotlight recently following the 24 August crash involving a Henan Airlines Embraer 190. The incident, which killed 42 of 96 people on board, prompted a review of safety operations by Chinese authorities and airlines.

Source: Flight International