Some of the almost 200 Chinese pilots who were found to have falsified qualifications on their resumes have returned to their jobs after they were ordered to undergo training.

In April 2008, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) discovered that some pilots had lied about their flying qualifications, says the authority.

This prompted checks of pilots' resumes across all the airlines, says the CAAC. It found a total of 192 pilots who had falsified their flying experience.

Some of the pilots had their licences revoked, while others were asked to go through "remedial training", says the CAAC.

Those who eventually passed the CAAC's checks were allowed to return to the air, it adds. The CAAC did not say how many pilots were allowed to resume flying.

The issue, which was not made public in 2008, surfaced recently in an aviation safety conference in China in the aftermath of a deadly air crash last month.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news