CyPhy Works has launched a crowdsourcing campaign to raise the $250,000 required to bring to market a commercial unmanned air vehicle with widespread appeal.

The campaign was announced on 4 May at an AUVSI event. It ends on 18 June and has already amassed $166,000. CyPhy plans to design and develop its LVL 1 six-rotor UAV, and will use feedback from potential users to tailor its capabilities.

The UAV does not tilt, so remains stable during the flight. Its payload is also not gimballed, instead it is side-mounted with the ability to be positioned to face downwards.

CyPhy LVL 1 - CyPhy Works

CyPhy Works

Chief executive and founder Helen Greiner says because it will be easy to fly, an operator can spend more time concentrating on acquiring the data or imagery they want, rather than having to constantly make control inputs.

“This is going to be the first drone for everyone,” Greiner says.

The 800g (1.7lb) UAV has an endurance of some 20min, and is controlled by a phone application through which operators will be able to share selected imagery in real time.

It also has a geo-fencing capability so that a “virtual wall” can be formed around the UAV preventing it from straying outside a selected area.

Source: Flight Daily News