Yamaha Motor Corporation (booth 1709) is using this year's AUVSI exhibition to show off its new Fazer unmanned air vehicle (UAV).

The company first revealed the small rotorcraft in October 201. it, has a 390cc fuel-injected four-stroke gasoline engine that provides quieter operation and 24% more power than previous Yamaha models like RMax, says the company.

Fazer also has 50% greater payload capacity and comes with a newly designed transmitter and control system, says Yamaha.

Yamaha Fazer

Like RMax, Fazer is designed for agricultural applications such as crop spraying.

The aircraft has a payload capacity of 53lb (24kg) and can carry two tanks that hold 22lb of liquid or two tanks that hold 26lb of granular material, says a specifications sheet.

The aircraft, which has a rotor diameter of 10.2ft (3.1m) is controlled with the Yamaha Altitude Control System II.

Yamaha has been operating UAVs commercially in Japan since 1991 and has accumulated more than 2 million flight hours, it says.

Source: FlightGlobal.com