CybAero’s Apid 60 unmanned air vehicle is to undergo testing on board the Swedish navy’s Visby-class corvette, following a downselection by the Swedish defence materiel administration (FMV).

Taking place in the third quarter of 2015, the testing will use the unmanned vertical take-off and landing UAV to explore the potential implementation of an aircraft of this type on to the Swedish vessels.

The Apid 60’s command and control system allows the UAV to be flown without operator assistance, while also keeping the aircraft stable in the air and managing its launches and landings automatically. This technology allows the Apid to take off and land on moving surfaces, such as the deck of a ship.

CybAero Apid 60 - CybAero


"Now that we have been chosen by FMV to conduct the test and demonstration flights we have a great opportunity to put our systems on display, and this will serve as a good reference point for potential clients in Sweden and abroad," says Mikael Hult, chief executive of CybAero.

"We are, of course, very proud to have been selected, and this is a testament to the high level of confidence FMV has placed in us,” he adds.

The company considers maritime applications to be one of the most significant for UAVs, and has previously been contracted to develop a number of systems for China Customs, deliveries for which will start soon, marking the company’s first maritime customer for the UAV.