Goodrich is to distribute an electronic fuel injection technology, developed for unmanned air vehicles by Australia's Currawong Engineering.

Currawong's high-efficiency electronic fuel injection technology, Seefis, allows gasoline engines to be converted to run on heavy fuel, said US-based Goodrich.

"The capability of converting gasoline engines to heavy fuel operating and integrating the engine's controller with the autopilot can dramatically increase reliability, which is a major benefit to the UAV industry," said Ross Hoag, chief engineer of Goodrich's intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems team.

"Electronic fuel injection offers substantial improvements in endurance to UAV engines, allowing for more persistent ISR [intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance] capability, and is in high demand," he added.

Under the distribution deal, Goodrich will provide Seefis through its global distribution channel.

It will also offer engine integration services in the US and internationally, and construct a facility in Hood River, Oregon, US, to continue research into the technology.

Source: Flight International