Rheinmetall Airborne Systems is showing a so-called "bi-hybrid" unmanned air system at the show for the first time, with the TU-150 to feature vertical take-off and landing performance.

To use a turbine engine for forward flight and electric motors powering rotors at either end of its wing in the hover, the aircraft is the result of a joint project between the Cassidian/Rheinmetall company and Swiss UAV.

Maximum take-off weight is quoted as 140kg (308lb), including a mission payload totalling up to 25kg, enabling the aircraft to potentially carry multiple sensors. The design has a 7.9m (25.9ft) wingspan once its rotors are installed.

 TU-150 UAV - Rheinmetall


The company describes the TU-150 as "a high-performance system with a small logistics footprint". Top speed will be 118kt (220km/h), and endurance 6-8h.

Source: Flight Daily News