India has conducted a successful flight of the Rustom II UAV in a configuration that will be used by the country’s military.

The flight took place on 25 February at the Defence Research Development Organisation’s (DRDO) test range in central Indian district of Chitradurga.

The flight was notable in that the aircraft flew with more powerful engines, in an end-user configuration.

“All parameters were normal,” says the DRDO.

Developed indigenously, the Rustom II made its first flight in November 2016.

Touted as a “new era” for India in its development of UAVs, the programme is expected to result in a medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned system with an endurance of 24h. The DRDO renamed it the Tapas 201, but still refers to it is the Rustom II in communications.

All three branches of the Indian military are expected to operate the type.