Güliz Tokadli, 2013 Boeing Engineering Student of the Year in the undergraduate category, has been presented with her award by Boeing and Flightglobal at a ceremony in Istanbul.

Tokadli was recognised for her extensive study and considerable work in the development of a conceptual functional flight display (FFD) targeted for next-generation flightdecks.

The FFD presents an optimal flightpath - based on the integration of weather, terrain, obstacles and airborne collision avoidance information - as a tunnel of boxes in the sky.

Tokadli's graduation project - "Human Factors and Human-Machine Interface Design in New-Generation Cockpits" - includes recommendations for further research to resolve the human factor issues associated with adding synthetic vision to the FFD.


 Güliz Tokadli, 2013 Boeing Engineering Student of the Year undergraduate winner

Tokadli received her Bachelor of Science in astronautics engineering in June 2013 and has been an active participant during her studies in two successful design-build-fly teams, including unmanned air vehicles, a space-type system launch and a novel mission concept for a nano-satellite.

She now plans to continue her studies to achieve a Master's degree in aerospace engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the USA.

"Güliz epitomises what we are trying to recognise and honour with our Engineering Student of the Year Award," says Boeing Turkey president Bernard Dunn.

"This is noteworthy work, and she symbolises the kind of future engineering professionals who will truly make a difference in the field and will help improve the lives of people worldwide."

"I am truly honoured by this award from Boeing and Flightglobal," says Tokadli. "I would like to thank the Controls and Avionics Laboratory of ITU [Istanbul Technical University] for providing such a marvellous research environment."

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Source: Flight International