THE WHITE HOUSE has nominated Jane Garvey as the next US Federal Aviation Administration administrator and George Donohue as deputy administrator.

The announcement comes six months after David Hinson quit the top FAA post shortly after US President Bill Clinton's re-election. Garvey is now acting head of the Federal Highway Administration, where she worked for Rodney Slater, the new US transportation secretary. Donohue manages research and acquisition activities for the aviation agency.

Garvey was director of aviation at Massachusetts airport operator Massport before going to Washington. If her appointment is confirmed by the US Senate, she will be the first woman to head the FAA and only the third non-pilot to run the Administration.

Critics contend that she has little aviation experience and that Donohue lacks expertise in regulation and certification matters. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association had pressured the Clinton Administration to instead nominate Carl Vogt, a former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board.

Garvey's goal is to maintain "-a safe and secure air-travel system in a period of vigorous growth". Slater says that Garvey's "tremendous management and financial expertise", combined with Donohue's "-innovative technology and procurement reforms will provide the strong leadership the FAA needs during a time of dynamic growth in the aviation industry".

Source: Flight International