Munich could become the only major city in Europe inaccessible to light aircraft if local politicians carry through plans to close Neubiberg airfield by the end of this year, says the Munich Flying Club (FCM).

Although the regional government has promised to provide an alternative site for the FCM, none will be available by 31 December, when the local authority has committed itself to banning flights from the airfield and turning it into a park. Aircraft under 2,000kg are not allowed to operate into the main Munich Franz-Josef Strauss Airport, while the authority's plan to transfer general-aviation flying from Neubiberg to the military airfield at Fürstenfeldbruck has met resistance from the military and the local population.

If the talks, to be held at Fürstenfeldbruck early in 1998, do not yield a solution, the nearest general-aviation airfields to Munich will be at Augsburg or Landshut, too far away for business or private flyers, says the FCM.

Source: Flight International