Farnborough marks the first appearance of CMC Electronics' fully-integrated Cockpit 4000, fitted aboard the all-new Raytheon T-6B aircraft in the static park.

Bob Atac, CMC vice-president military aviation, says: "With Cockpit 4000 we make all of the head-down and head-up displays (HUD), provide the full navigation and mission system and all of the aircraft management controls."

Cockpit 4000 features the SparrowHawk HUD, new 5in x 7in (130mm x 180mm) multifunction displays and dual FV-4000 mission computers with both simulated and actual weapon delivery.


"Our system is probably the lowest cost, highest capability system you can buy. It has a full 4-D navigation system, vertical navigation (VNAV) and full mission planning. It is a hybrid of a full civil navigation system with the benefits of a military navigation system," says Atac. "We had our first flight on 12 May and hope the US government will consider Cockpit 4000 for the later blocks on the 'A' model.

"With an open architecture mission system at the heart of the avionics, we can provide the T-6B with a powerful training platform that can easily accommodate upgrades. Importantly, the open architecture feature facilitates growth and protects against obsolescence."

Source: Flight Daily News