Carriers in the "co-operative" category, says IALPA president Capt Evan Cullen, are those that have a recognition agreement with a pilot association, that "share goals" with it, exchange operational and other data, and work together on operations quality control, and have a good relationship with their national aviation authority (NAA). "Benign" carriers may not have formal agreements with pilots, but they welcome input and generally adopt "satisfactory practices" in relation to human factors issues, says IALPA. Cullen defines "hostile" carriers as those that go beyond simple refusal to recognise a pilot association. Without naming any airlines, Cullen says "hostile" practices he has encountered include - among others - penalising pilots with known affiliation to an association, "questionable" use of OFDM information, lacking "professional standards support", and having a "fraught" relationship with their NAA.

Source: Flight International