DELTA CONNECTION carrier Comair says that its seat costs could fall by one-third if it purchases all 70 Canadair Regional Jets on order and option with Bombardier.

The planned purchase, including 20 Regional Jets already in service, would total $1.1 billion, but Comair does not yet know how many of the 25 aircraft on order and 25 on option will be financed by Bombardier. The airline says that the rate at which aircraft are delivered will depend on those financing terms.

Comair says that the 50-seat Regional Jets have a cost per seat kilometre of about ¢6.2 (¢10 per mile) compared with ¢11.2 for its turboprops. It plans to retire seven Fairchild Metros and 17 Saab 340s by the end of 1996.

Source: Flight International