COMMANDER AIRCRAFT has established an aviation-services department in a bid to increase its used-aircraft business. The company hopes that the move will encourage potential customers to trade in their aircraft for new Commander 114 piston-singles.

Bethany, Oklahoma-based Commander saw sales of new 114s drop to just 15 aircraft in 1996, down from 25 in 1995. Sales of 13 used aircraft helped offset the decline, but the company still posted a net loss of over $2.5 million on sales of less than $8 million in 1996.

Commander blames "severely depressed" sales of high-performance piston singles, with only 101 sold by all manufacturers in 1996.

The company's aviation-services department will handle brokerage and refurbishment of used Commanders and other aircraft. It already offers a turnkey-ownership programme for new 114s.


Source: Flight International