Continental Airlines has reached its 25th aircraft install of new flat-bed 'BusinessFirst' class seats, and says it is gearing up to offer the seats on its Boeing 767-400s and Boeing 787s.

The carrier's flat-bed seats - which recline 180 degrees - made their operational debut in November 2009 and are currently being installed on Boeing 777 and 757-200 aircraft that operate long-haul international routes.

In an update today Continental says a total 11 777s and 14 757-200s now carry the seats in addition to other new BusinessFirst amenities, including Panasonic Avionics in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems with iPod connectivity that allows each customer to view their personal videos and enjoy their own music while their iPod is charging.

Laptop power, headset and USB plugs are tucked above the customer's shoulder.

Continental will take delivery of two new 777s outfitted with the flat-bed seats by the end of July.

The airline says the seats will also be installed on many of its 767-400 aircraft starting in 2011 and on the Boeing 787 fleet as the new aircraft are delivered to the company.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news