Indonesia Aerospace says it has won a $49 million contract to supply Pakistan with four CN235-220 transports. Smiths Aerospace has received a contract from Hindustan Aeronautics for the design and development of an integrated avionics system for the HJT-36 intermediate jet trainer. Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) will supply cooling systems and wiring for the Boeing-led Avionics Modernisation Programme for USAF Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules. IAI will act as a Boeing subcontractor and believes the contract will be worth $150 million. IAI has developed its own C-130 upgrade. The Israeli air force is a potential customer as it operates 25 C-130Hs. Budget problems will probably delay the C-130 purchase, making an upgrade more critical. Thales Avionics and EADS Sogerma Services have won a contract to upgrade six C-130s for a South American air force. Ontario-based Atlantis Systems has been picked by AgustaWestland to supply a cockpit procedures trainer for the Canadian Forces' CH-149 Cormorant search and rescue helicopter. BAE Systems Advanced Systems has received a $1.8 million US Navy contract to integrate a collision avoidance function into the CXP common identification friend or foe digital transponder under development and provide a prototype for flight testing by mid-2002. The Mid-Air Collision Avoidance System will use automatic dependent surveillance - broadcast to provide a cockpit display and aural warning of traffic. Lockheed Martin is to study the modification of US Coast Guard C-130J aircraft into HC-130J search-and rescue configuration under a $5.7 million USAir Force contract. Goodrich is to supply the TACAN navigation system and attitude indicator for Japan's Fuji T-3 Kai turboprop trainer. Astronautics will supply the horizontal situation indicator. LandSea Systems is to distribute Thales Airborne Systems' JetSat five-channel Inmarsat Aero-I satellite communications system to US military and government customers.

Source: Flight International