Lockheed Martin has been awarded an $11.1 million US Department of Defense contract for Phase 2 requirements definition for M4/M4+ avionics software for the F-16 modular mission computer on Belgium, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian and Portuguese. Work should be completed in December 2004. Recon/Optical has received a $5 million US Navy contract to supply a high-altitude sensor for the Shared Reconnaissance Pod (SHARP) engineering and manufacturing development programme. The Raytheon SHARP will be carried by Boeing F/A-18s. Israel Aircraft Industries' MLM division and Germany's BGT have won a $20 million order to supply 20 EHUD Autonomous Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation systems to Belgium. Boeing has been given a $25.5 million contract for procurement, certification and installation of global positioning system and reduced vertical separation minimum hardware and software for France's four E-3F Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft. EADS has won a deal to supply the NATO AWACS fleet with the STR2000 identification friend or foe equipment and Rockwell Collins TTR921 collision warning system. The deal covers four systems initially with options for another 19. Sikorsky Support Services has won a one-year contract, with six one-year options, to support the US Navy's Northrop F-5E/F aggressor aircraft based at MCAS Yuma, Arizona. Over seven years, the deal would be worth more than $100 million. EADS' Dornier subsidiary has won a DM53 million ($25.4 million) contract from the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency to upgrade 140 CL-289 reconnaissance unmanned air vehicles operated by France and Germany. Raytheon has been awarded a $89 million contract to build 1,007 Stinger very-short range surface-to-air missiles for Greece, Italy and the UK.

Source: Flight International