Lockheed Martin has won a $19.4 million US Air Force contract to incorporate the Aeronautical Flight Control System into the Avionics Modernization Program for the C-5 Galaxy transport. The US company has also received a $5.7 million contract for trade studies and engineering services to modify US Coast Guard C-130J Hercules into the HC-130J search and rescue platforms. The company has also been awarded a $6.7 million contract to develop electronic warfare displays for Israel air force F-16Ds. Brazil is acquiring eight Eurocopter AS532UECougars for delivery in the first half of 2002. Lear Siegler Services has won a $26.9 million deal for aircraft maintenance in support of Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training, pilot instructor training and introduction to fighter fundamental missions. The contract covers Cessna T-37s, Raytheon T-6s and Northrop Grumman T-38s and AF-38Bs. Lockheed Martin has received a $47 million contract from the US Air Force to upgrade unattended FPS-117 long-range surveillance radars in the USA and Canada. The company will install radar interrogator systems to upgrade the radars' capabilities. La Barge has won a $6.3 million contract by Lockheed Martin to provide circuit cards for the same system. Smiths Aerospace Actuation Systems has won a Boeing contract potentially worth $100 million to provide landing gear actuators and locks for the Joint Strike Fighter. BVR Systems has won a $600,000 deal to upgrade the Israeli air force's AMOS pilot selection system. EDO has been awarded a Lockheed Martin Aeronautics contract worth $9.4 million for AMRAAM vertical ejection launchers. BAE Systems Information and Electronic Warfare Systems has won two US Air Force contracts worth $80 million to upgrade EC-130 Compass Call aircraft and the related simulator. The aircraft provide tactical command, control and communications countermeasures.

Source: Flight International