Boeing is to upgrade the radar system in France's four E-3F airborne warning and control system aircraft under a $133 million contract that follows retrofit of the US, UK and NATO fleets. Kits will be delivered to Air France Industries for installation starting in 2004, with completion due for 2006. Raytheon will remanufacture 22 Tomahawk cruise missiles to Block IIIC configuration for the UK Royal Navy under a $29.7 million contract. General Electric has received a $126 million Lockheed Martin contract to supply 14 CF6-80C2 propulsion systems to support the three-aircraft development phase of the US Air Force's C-5 Galaxy reliability enhancement and re-engining programme, with flight testing scheduled to begin in 2005. BAE Systems' US arm is to supply laser warning electronics to upgrade USAir Force and NavyAAR-47 (V) 2 missile warning receivers under a $3.5 million subcontract from Alliant Techsystems. BAE has also received an $8.8 million USAir Force contract to provide 12 more QF-4 aerial targets. Paravant's EDL subsidiary has received a $600,000 US Air Force contract for increased-reliability colour multi-function displays to replace obsolescent units in Sikorsky MH-53M special-operations helicopters. Cranfield Aerospace has been awarded a contract by JF Taylor to supply multi-axis motion cueing seat systems for the Boeing CH-47F Chinook transportable flight proficiency simulator being developed for the US Army. Ultra Electronics' weapons systems business has won a £4 million ($5.7 million) contract from EADS Germany to supply its HIPPAG 320 (High Pressure Pure Air Generator) on-board compressor for fitting to Eurocopter Tigers equipped with the Long Range Trigat anti-armour weapon. RSK MiG has received a 70 million lev ($31.4 million) contract from the Bulgarian air force to upgrade 20 MiG-29 Fulcrum fighters, according to press reports from Sofia. Bulgaria is expected to keep its MiG-29s until at least 2010.

Source: Flight International