CAE is to build two AgustaWestland Lynx 300 helicopter mission simulators for the Royal Air Force of Oman, for delivery in 2004. The fixed-base simulators will have CAE Medallion visuals allowing night-vision goggle and forward-looking infrared training. Canada's Magellan Aerospace is to repair and overhaul General Electric J85 turbojet engines for Northrop F-5s and T-38s and other aircraft under a US Air Force contract potentially worth C$190 million over seven years. Work will be performed at Magellan's Orenda Aerospace unit in Mississauga, Ontario. Saab Aerospace has awarded Telephonics a $7.6 million contract for APS-143B9V03 Ocean Eye surveillance radars for installation in Swedish armed forces' 18 NH Industries NH-90s under the Nordic Standard Helicopter Programme. Norway has selected a version of ITT Avionics' ALQ-211 integrated radio-frequency electronic countermeasures suite for its 11 NH-90s. Northrop Grumman is to demonstrate a capability to find, identify and engage hidden targets, using foliage-penetration radar and intelligence data fusion, under a $7.8 million contract for the US Air Force Research Laboratory's Targets Under Trees effort. BAE Systems is to modify the US Navy's precision targeting workstation to support imagery exploitation and precision targeting for the Raytheon Tomahawk cruise missile, in a $20.3 million contract. Under a US Air Force contract worth $53 million, BAE will provide equipment for the Block 35 upgrade of the Lockheed Martin EC-130H Compass Call communications jamming aircraft. Engineered Support Systems has received a contract valued at up to $6.1 million from the US Air Force to conduct depot level repairs of its AN/APQ-170 Combat Talon II terrain following radar system. The dual-band multi-mode radar system is installed on the USAF MC-130H Combat Talon II fleet. Repairs will be conducted through to 2006.

Source: Flight International