The US arm of Australia's Adacel Technologies has won a US Air Force contract, worth up to $72.5 million, to provide and support up to 94 air traffic control tower simulators for bases worldwide. Goodrich is to supply the anti-icing system for the Rolls-Royce lift fan in the short take-off and vertical landing variant of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. SEOS is to supply a front-projected visual display, with liquid-crystal projectors, to upgrade Lockheed Martin's C-130J engineering simulator. Boeing has completed price negotiations with South Korea for 40 F-15Ks. The US manufacturer says the sale will be worth $4.2 billion. This is a $239 million reduction on the bid price submitted in February and includes a $203 million price cut, while the air force found $36 million of savings by reducing the aircraft specification. Aerosonic has received a $19.6 million US Army contract to supply 4,500 encoding altimeters over five years. Thales Missile Electronics has been selected by MBDA, Raytheon and Sagem - the three bidders in the UK's Precision Guided Bomb competition - to supply its Multi Event Hard Target Fuse. Raytheon is to produce additional Rolling Airframe Missile launchers for the German navy and extra missiles for the US Navy under contracts totalling $75.4 million. The German parliament has approved a €45.3 million ($42 million) deal to procure 10 ship-based systems for K120 class corvettes. L-3 Communications will develop a scalable multi-function airborne communications antenna for the US Naval Battleforce Network programme under a $8.7 million US Navy contract. ITT Avionics is to equip several types of US Army special operations aircraft with the ALQ-211 integrated radio-frequency counter measures suite under a $45 million contract. The UK and Sweden have selected Saab Bofors Dynamics to supply its Next Generation Light Anti-Armour Weapon (NLAW). Saab values the deal at around SKr4 billion ($399 million).

Source: Flight International