Metric Systems has received contracts totalling $24.9 million to expand the US Air Forces Europe rangeless instrumentation training system (URITS), integrate it with the Polygone electronic warfare range in France and Germany, and continue leasing air-combat training pods and debriefing systems to the USAF. The number of pods will be increased from 63 to 110. Rockwell Collins will provide global positioning system security devices to General Dynamics for the UK's Bowman communications network. The contract, potentially worth $20 million, covers between 6,000 and 34,000 selective availability anti-spoofing modules. BAE Systems has won US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency contracts totalling $20 million to develop building blocks for next-generation radio frequency (RF) systems, including low-cost systems-on-a-chip devices integrating RF and digital circuits; variable-bandwidth amplifiers that can sense and adapt to jamming; and new high-performance, low-power microchip technology. Accelerated delivery of an additional 16 Northrop Grumman Litening ER targeting pods for US Air National Guard Lockheed Martin F-16s will be completed by mid-November, under a $19.3 million contract awarded in September. Re-engining of 50 ANG Block 42 F-16s with uprated Pratt & Whitney F100-229s is also being expedited to support a Middle East deployment. FLIR Systems is to supply Saab Bofors Dynamics with add-on night sights for RBS70 man-portable anti-aircraft systems intended for an international customer. The $5 million order includes further development of the Borc clip-on night sight. Germany has awarded EADS contracts for two stationary German Improved Air Defence System and development of a mobile air surveillance system. The work will be performed with Thales Raytheon Systems and is worth around €30 million ($29 million).

Source: Flight International