Lithuania has agreed to purchase Raytheon Stinger low-altitude surface-to-air missile systems in a deal worth $21 million, including Humvee-mounted launch platforms and two ThalesRaytheonSystems TPQ-64 Sentinel portable radars. Sikorsky is to build 12 UH-60L Black Hawks for the US army and 15 MH-60S Knight Hawks for the US Navy for delivery in 2004 under a contract worth $270.5 million. Raytheon Aircraft is to build an additional 35 T-6A Texan II trainers for delivery to the USAir Force in 2005 under a $170 million contract. Boeing is to produce 120 AGM-84H SLAM-ER stand-off land attack missiles under a $60.3 million US Navy contract. Bell is to deliver six TH-67A+ Creek training helicopters to the US Army under a $9.6 million contract.

Source: Flight International