The Greek air force and Alenia have concluded a €297 million ($316million) deal for 12 Alenia/Lockheed Martin C-27J tactical transports. The C-27Js will be delivered at a rate of one a month from the middle of 2004. Canada's Magellan Aerospace has received engine component contracts from Rolls-Royce and the USAir Force. The R-R deal covers production of four modules for the lift fan for the short take-off and vertical landing version of the Lockheed MartinF-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Initially the work is worth C$1.9 million ($1.2 million), but is potentially valued at C$30 million. Magellan's USAF contract covers General Electric F110 components and will last for five years. Rolls-Royce has awarded Philips Aerospace of the Netherlands a contract to supply fan cases for the General Electric F136 JSF alternative engine, in which the UK-based company is a partner. Engineered Support Systems has received a $2.1 million contract to supply 18 forward looking infrared systems for US Marine Corps Sikorsky CH-53E heavylift helicopters. SaabTech Systems has received a SKr73 million ($8.5million) contract for the adaption, maintenance and future development of the Swedish air defence system, StriC. Kongsberg has signed a NKr160 million ($23.4 million) contract with Eurocopter for components, including rotorhead sleeves, for the NH Industries NH90. Atlantis has received a C$3.5 million ($2.3 million) order from AgustaWestland to supply a cockpit procedures trainer (CPT) for the integrated display system version of the EH101. The company previously developed a CPT for the electronic information system equipped EH101. BAE Systems has awarded Raytheon a contract for 12 radar emulator pods for Hawk lead-in fighters operated by the Royal Australian Air Force. FMV, the Swedish defence materiel administration, has ordered Vega Group's Jet Aircraft Maintenance Fundamentals programme to train recruits in basic maintenance.

Source: Flight International