GE Aircraft Engines has received an $80 million order to produce 27 F404-102 engines for South Korea's first 25 T-50 advanced jet trainers. Another83 engines could be manufactured by 2010 for $160 million. Raytheon is to deliver 596 AIM-9M-2 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles to Egypt and Taiwan under a $54.7 million deal. It will also produce Paveway II laser-guided bomb kits for the two countries, plus Oman, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates for $7.9 million. France's Simmad support agency has signed an agreement with AgustaWestland for the maintenance of transmission and rotor systems on 31 French navy Lynx Mk4 anti-submarine helicopters. Northrop Grumman is to provide the US Marine Corps with a further 19 Litening AT targeting pods, plus upgrade kits for nine existing pods, under a $26.6 million contract. The US Air Force also plans to acquire Litening pods under a $48 million umbrella contract. General Dynamics is to provide 650 PRC-112G combat search-and-rescue radios, with an option on 300 more, to the Greek air force. L-3 Communications will deliver a second Boeing F/A-18C distributed mission training suite to the US Navy under a $17 million contract. Northrop Grumman is to produce additional large aircraft infrared countermeasures systems for US Air Force Boeing C-17s and Lockheed MartinC-130s under a $49.1 million contract. Environmental Tectonics is to provide a Gyro-IPT II sustained operations simulator to the US Air Force Research Laboratory under a $1 million contract to support development of fatigue countermeasures. Elbit Systems will equip the Israeli defence forces with the 10km (5.4nm)-range Skylark mini-unmanned air vehicle for day and night surveillance. The Canadian Forces will use a General Atomics-supplied Altair unmanned air vehicle to support a littoral and maritime surveillance experiment to take place next August.

Source: Flight International