Messier-Dowty will produce the integrated landing gear system for Airbus Military's A400M transport. The company will deliver its first shipset to EADS Casa's Seville final assembly line in 2006. Boeing is to produce 32,570 Joint Direct Attack Munition guidance kits for the USAir Force under a $642 million Lot 8 production contract. Poland has selected the Goodrich DB-110 electro-optical reconnaissance pod for its future fleet of 48 Lockheed Martin F-16 fighters. GE Aircraft Engines has received a $105 million contract to deliver 17 F404-IN20 engines for India's Tejas light combat aircraft from 2006. Limited series production of the aircraft will begin next year. Elbit Systems subsidiary EFW has received a $32.6 million contract to deliver 694 common data-entry electronics units to upgrade pre-Block 40 Lockheed Martin F-16 fighters in US Air Force service, and more than 600 for export operators. MBDA will produce an MM40 Block 3 variant of its Exocet anti-ship missile for the French navy's Dassault Rafale strike aircraft. It will also modify the navy's Block 2 MM40s to the new standard. Boeing has received a $61.8 million contract to procure a second batch of 12 Raytheon APG-79 active electronically scanned array radars for the US Navy's F/A-18E/F Super Hornet. BAE Systems is to supply a second production batch of Broach tandem warheads for the US Navy's Raytheon AGM-154C Joint Stand-off Weapons. Honeywell will produce 83 anti-spoofing global positioning/ inertial navigation systems for US Air Force Boeing F-15s under a $6.8 million contract. Thales Missile Electronics has received an initial £20 million ($37 million) contract to produce the multi event hard target fuze for the UK's Raytheon Paveway IV precision-guided bomb. Alliant Techsystems is principal subcontractor on the deal. Canada's Magellan Aerospace is to produce components for General Electric F414 engines under an agreement worth $27.9 million over the next four years.

Source: Flight International