CMC Electronics will this month deliver its first CMA-900 global positioning and flight management system for integration with 20 Brazilian air force Boeing 707, Embraer EMB-111 (P-95), Learjet 35 and Lockheed Martin C-130 aircraft. To be completed by July 2005, the work will give the 707s and C-130s a precision area navigation capability.

AAR Cargo Systems and ShinMaywa Industries will deliver the cargo handling system for Japan's future Kawasaki C-X transport aircraft, including an integrated air-drop system with electronic cargo locks and a parachute extraction system.

Elbit Systems' EFW subsidiary has received a contract worth potentially $45 million to develop new cockpit displays for up to 360 Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet multirole fighters.

Cubic Defense Applications is to equip three US Air Force bases - Eglin, Langley and Seymour-Johnson - with range-less air-combat training systems under a $14.7 million contract. The deal includes 112 airborne instrumentation packages and 17 monitoring/debriefing ground stations.

Boeing is to accelerate the avionics modernisation on two US Air Force special operations Lockheed Martin MC-130 Combat Talon aircraft under a $58.8 million contract. The aircraft will be delivered in 2008.

Northrop Grumman has been awarded contracts totalling $23.4 million to equip Alaska Air National Guard Lockheed Martin C-130 transports with the large aircraft infrared countermeasures system.

Arinc will provide a satellite telephone service for US Air Force tankers and transports that will allow users to contact any aircraft by dialling a pre-assigned terrestrial number. The system automatically locates the aircraft and finds which Inmarsat satellite to use.

Raytheon is to modify its tactical control system for Northrop Grumman's RQ-8 Firescout vertical take-off unmanned air vehicle under a $36.8 million US Navy contract. The work will allow simultaneous control of multiple platforms, the integration of plug-and-play payloads, and weaponisation of the unmanned helicopter.

Source: Flight International