Andrew Douse

CS Aviation Services has silenced critics who said they were crazy to convert Airbus A300s into freighters.

Under the international spotlight of Farnborough, the company has proudly delivered of the first of seven Airbus A300 freighters to Costa Rican operator JHM Cargo Express.

Earlier this year an agreement was reached with JHM for the A300 freighters to address the growing demand for cargo flights to and from Costa Rica. JHM - the second company to place orders for the A300 freighter - will also operate the aircraft on routes between North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

CS Aviation Services (CSAS) teamed up with its strategic partner British Aerospace Aviation Services (BAeAS) to launch the world's first A300 freighter conversion programme.

CSAS president Bharat Bhise says: "Our critics said this programme would never work. Today we have proved them all wrong.

"We have contracted with BAeAS for 31 A300 conversion slots with options for another 10."

Federico Bloch, president of The Taca Group of which JHM is an affiliate, says: "This is an exciting moment. We have been looking for a proper freighter for a long time.

"Cargo is a growth market in Latin America and this aircraft gives us the economics we are looking for."

Cliff Duke, the managing director of BAeAS, says: "Two years ago, nobody said we could pull this off. Now A300s will be used as freighters for the next 20 years. The key to success has been partnership."

Source: Flight Daily News