Cordiem, the aviation industry's first business-to-business exchange and application services provider to be owned jointly by buyers and sellers, has announced its initial commercial services launch.

Cordiem's platform is designed to assist aviation customers with their maintenance, engineering and general procurement needs. During 2002, it will also release additional functions covering fuel and fuel services, catering and cabin services and airport services.

Based in Washington, it has more than 14 founder members including: Air France, American Airlines, Goodrich, British Airways, Continental Airlines, UPS and Honeywell.


"Cordiem aims to sit at the heart of aviation's supply chain, providing a reliable platform where operators, suppliers and repair centres can gather to conduct e-business efficiently," says marketing executive Scott Clements.

"Functions of the platform include products and service sourcing, e-procurement and procurement collaboration services for all parties. We also offer software applications, training and a customer support service," he says.

From a founding group of OEMs, airlines and manufacturers, and advanced software, the company is looking to expand its client base and is talking with a number of potential customers.

Elbit's advanced cockpit is on the ground

Elbit Systems of Israel is showing an advanced avionics and cockpit demonstrator for helicopters and transport aircraft.

Called IntraMission and designed for ground training and mission rehearsals, it incorporates three multi-function colour displays and two cockpit-integrated units. Functions include the control and management of avionics and weapons systems on simulated day and night missions.

Elbit says the system can work with an array of data, including FLIR and radar information, tactical updates, and situational awareness, engine performance, targeting and armament information.

Incorporated is MIDASH Raster Solution, Elbit's latest helicopter display and sighting helmet. It is capable of presenting maps, 3D surface images and electro-optical pod output in video form.

Source: Flight Daily News