Grounded carrier Air Marshall Islands hopes to resume operations later this month once it repairs two aircraft that were damaged by corrosion.

“In a week from now or two weeks” Air Marshall Islands hopes to resume operations, Air Marshall Islands route manager, Tony Phillips, says from the carrier’s headquarters in Maujuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands.

It has been about a month since the airline last flew, says Phillips, adding that the reason for the grounding is because the airline’s three aircraft need to undergo repairs.

“We are waiting for spare parts such as a new landing gear for the Bombardier Dash 8,” says Phillips, adding that the aircraft’s landing gear was damaged as a result of corrosion.

The airline also has two Dornier 228s, which are grounded and needing to undergo repairs.

One of the Dornier 228s should be ready for operations in one to two weeks, about the same time the Dash 8 will be ready to re-enter service, says Phillips, adding that work on the Dornier 228 involves changing some parts – damaged by corrosion – and changing the seat wells.

Air Marshall Islands operates domestically and to Tarawa in Kirabati, he says.

According to Phillips Air Marshall Islands now owns all three aircraft but Flight’s ACAS database lists the owner of the Dash 8 as Finova Capital.

The grounding of Air Marshall Islands has meant the country reportedly has had no domestic air services and people have had to travel by boat instead.