Airframer data for the crashed Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330-200 shows that it had accumulated just 1,600 flight hours before the accident.

Airbus has confirmed the carrier's identification of the airframe as serial number 1024, adding that it had conducted some 420 flights since delivery in September.

"Preliminary reports indicate that the aircraft crashed short of the runway threshold during approach," it adds.

There is no information on the level of experience of the cockpit crew. Afriqiyah confirms that a child was the sole survivor from among the 93 passengers - mainly Dutch nationals - and 11 crew on board.

Video images from the scene suggest that both flight recorders have been recovered from the wreckage.

Afriqiyah wreck pic
 Source: Libyan TV

Sunrise time for Tripoli on 12 May is listed by astronomical charts as 06:10.

Weather information for Tripoli International Airport indicates visiblity had started varying around the time of the Afriqiyah Airbus A330 crash, given as about 06:00.

While meteorological data at 05:50 indicated visibility of 6,000m, this had dropped back to 5,000m at 06:20 and an update timed at 06:25 puts the figure at 2,000m.

Tripoli's main runway is desginated 09/27. There is no confirmation of the runway in use, or the type of approach carried out, but the weather data suggests westerly winds prevailed.

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Source: Air Transport Intelligence news