Engine nacelles are sometimes thought of as 'Cinderella parts' but they are important enough for Bombardier Aerospace¹s CRJ 700 to feature some innovative kit. Designed and made by Bombardier Aerospace at its factory in Belfast, Northern Ireland -- and on display at Farnborough - the nacelle features a unique 'natural blockage' thrust reverser configuration which differs significantly from the industry standard. These provide a range of benefits including increased reliability, reduced maintenance, lower noise emissions and lower raw material usage. By using the translating cowl to block the fan duct naturally, there¹s no need to incorporate blocker doors. These are traditionally prone to wear and the need for subsequent replacement. Because of this, airlines operating the CRJ 700 enjoy significant cost reductions as the need for spare parts is reduced. Ease of maintenance is also enhanced as a counterbalanced C-duct cuts downtime during engine changes. Another innovative feature of the natural blockage nacelle is its flexibility in accommodating all engine and airframe configurations. Explains Michael Ryan, vice-president and general manager of Bombardier¹s Belfast operation: "We have been at the forefront of nacelle technology for more than 30 years. Our natural blockage thrust reverser technology provides a suitable platform from which further turbofan nacelles can be developed. "Exhibiting the complete CRJ 700 nacelle at Farnborough highlights our position as a world leader in the design -and manufacture of engine nacelles and the engineering excellence and pioneering design capability of our engineers in Belfast."

The CRJ 700 nacelle won a prestigious Millennium Products Award from the UK's Design Council for the thrust reverser configuration. Meanwhile, at the recent UK Manufacturing Excellence Awards, the company won the overall Foresight Award and the judges expressed themselves to be particularly impressed with the innovative design of the nacelle.

Source: Flight Daily News