CTT Systems has won its launch contract for supplying a Zonal Drying System for a Boeing B737-800 (Next Generation) aircraft.

The Danish-based charter operator Sterling European Airlines has ordered the system with an option to equip its remaining B737-800 fleet. Sterling, one of the leading Scandinavian charter carriers, operates with a fleet of six Boeing B737-800s mainly within Europe and in particular in the Mediterranean region.

"We are delighted to develop our system for this aircraft," says CTT Systems AB president Torbjórn Johansson. The firm is exhibiting here at Singapore (Stand C123).

The Boeing B737-800 aircraft type represents the latest and next generation of Boeing's B737 medium range aircraft type and is presently being produced at a rate of about 20 a month.

The CTT system is designed to combat problems related to water condensation in the thermal and acoustic insulation of modern passenger aircraft. Airlines encountering "rain-in-the-plane" syndrome and other difficulties related to moisture accumulation in their insulation blankets can use the Zonal Drying System to mitigate these problems, reduce maintenance costs by increasing the service life of the insulation and realise significant fuel savings by eliminating the non-revenue weight of the accumulated water.

By keeping dry the area between the interior trim panels and the aircraft skin, the Zonal Drying System also reduces corrosion and the risk of failure of electronic systems and wiring.

Source: Flight Daily News