Cubic Corporation (Hall 4, C12) is demonstrating how it helps keep US and UK armed forces one step ahead when it comes to training with its range of interoperable military training and communications systems.


Among the products on display are rangeless Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation (ACMI) systems.

These consist of an aircraft-mounted mobile monitoring system or pod which relays information including pilot location, manoeuvres and firing patterns to a ground station or mobile unit.


These pods incorporate global positioning satellite (GPS) technology allowing aircraft pilots to train in any available airspace without need for a fixed infrastructure. This information is relayed close to real time and allows for detailed debriefing on missions and training exercises.

The information can be easily viewed on either a personal computer or laptop using Cubic's Individual Combat Aircrew Display System (ICADS) which provides a realistic and user-friendly 3-D perspective.

"Cubic's presence at Farnborough ties together the extensive work we are doing in the UK with developments that address the key issues of mobility and interoperability," says Gerald Dinkel, president and chief executive of the Cubic Defense Applications group

Source: Flight Daily News