Taiwanese companies Pegasus Aviation and Space Tek signed a partnership agreement at Taipei Aerospace & Defence Technology Exhibition (TADTE) with Taiwan’s Aerospace Industrial Defence Corporation (AIDC) to offer a micro unmanned air vehicle to Taiwanese military and civilian customers.

AIDC plans to integrate and customise the Fireant UAV, built by Pegasus for aerial photography and missile training missions.

The Taiwanese army has tested the Fireant, launched from a portable ground station, but has not bought any. Space Tek, which already partners AIDC on other UAV projects, will supply a new tracking system.

AIDC aims to sell the Fireant to the army, air force and government agencies for anti-piracy, surface-vehicle detection, surveillance and other missions.

The aircraft has a wingspan of 2.5m (8ft) and can fly up to 100kt (180km/h) at an altitude of 16,000ft. It can carry a payload of 5-10kg (11-22lb) for up to 2h. AIDC says it can sell the system for NT$3 million ($1 million).

Source: Flight International