EX-DAIMLER-BENZ finance director Gerhard Liener, who raised a storm in July with the publication of a fierce attack on the company's former president Edzard Reuter, has apparently committed suicide.

Liener, 63, was found dead on 14 December at his home in Bad Wiessee, Bavaria. A suicide note was also discovered. Liener's devastating broadside at Reuter, written after he quit the financial director's post - staying on initially as an advisor on international activities to Reuter's successor Jurgen Schrempp - led to the immediate termination of his contract.

The ex-finance chief wrote, among other bitter personal and professional criticisms, that Daimler's acquisition of the Dornier aircraft and electronics business was "...the most miserable contract we have ever completed", costing DASA massive amounts of money (Flight International, 2-8 August).

Source: Flight International