Investigators have indicated that the Tupolev Tu-204 freighter damaged in an accident at Norilsk had bounced after a rough landing before sustaining a second hard impact.

The second impact amounted to more than 3.05g, according to preliminary information on the 24 August event involving the Aviastar-Tu twinjet.

Preliminary assessment of the aircraft (RA-64021) after it taxied to a halt found damage to structures of the left-hand Aviadvigatel PS-90A powerplant and the main landing-gear.

Structural damage was also discovered in the left wing, in the area of the rear spar, with deformation of several ribs and wing panels as well as damage to inboard flaps.

The aircraft had landed on runway 01, at 11:19 local time, in poor weather, with rain and haze reducing visibility to around 1,500m.

It touched down with a crosswind component from the left side. After an initial hard landing, says federal air transport service Rosaviatsia, the Tu-204 became airborne again.

The aircraft’s spoilers automatically deployed, which would have reduced the lift over the wing, and the jet landed hard for a second time. Rosaviatsia says this second impact exceeded 3.05g.

It states that the aircraft’s captain had accumulated nearly 3,200h on type.

Investigators have yet to disclose any conclusions on the cause.

Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee opened a formal inquiry after the event’s classification as an accident was reinstated, having been downgraded to a serious incident before the extent of the damage became clear.

Source: Cirium Dashboard