Raytheon has announced deals for two weapons systems to Denmark.

It will produce Enhanced Paveway II bomb guidance kits for the Royal Danish Air Force, with deliveries starting in April 2005. Details of the contract's value and the number of kits have not been released. The service already operates earlier standard Paveway II and Paveway III guided bombs.

The US Navy and the Danish government have also executed a Letter of Offer and Acceptance that paves the way for a purchase of AIM-9X Sidewinder air-to-air missiles. Denmark will be the fourth export customer for the AIM-9X, following South Korea, Poland and Taiwan's agreement to purchase the missile.

Meanwhile, Raytheon is ramping up production of the next-generation Block IV Tomahawk cruise missile for the US Navy and the UK Royal Navy.

Following earlier low-rate initial production, Raytheon will move to producing 30 missiles a year.


Source: Flight Daily News