DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (Dasa) Airbus is to recruit 850 staff during the next 12 months to help it keep pace with the Airbus consortium's growing orderbook.

In return for the extra jobs, the company has secured major union concessions that should allow it to react more quickly to production rate fluctuations in future.

Hamburg-based Dasa Airbus builds subassemblies for all Airbus models and is responsible for final assembly of the A319 and A321. It expects to be rolling out 15 narrowbodies a month by mid-2000, up from the current nine.

Of the 850 new permanent positions, 330 will be filled by workers currently on short-term contracts. Union concessions include allowing another 970 temporary staff to have their 18-month contracts extended to two years, while 250 positions in 1999 and 2000 will be filled by apprentices. The latest recruitment will take the Dasa Airbus workforce to 15,315 by December 1999.

Source: Flight International