Michael Wakabi/KAMPALA

A McDonnell Douglas DC-10 freighter operated by DAS Air Cargo was destroyed in a landing overrun at Entebbe International Airport, Uganda, on 30 April, at the end of a flight from London Gatwick. The DC-10 crashed through the perimeter fence and came to rest in shallow waters in Lake Victoria.

The aircraft (N800WR), one of three DC-10-30Fs operated by London-headquartered DAS Air, was carrying 50t of cargo. The accident happened at 05:45 local time, and reportedly followed a normal approach and touchdown.

However, the aircraft was landing just below its maximum landing weight, and the runway was wet. Full spoilers were deployed and reverse thrust operated, but the crew reported that the braking action faded as the aircraft came towards the end of the roll.

The crew steered the aircraft clear of the approach lights during the overrun, and it continued down an incline into the water. The aircraft's nose was severed and the forward fuselage was badly damaged, but all seven crew survived.

The accident follows the crash of a Trans Arabian Air Transport Boeing 707-300C into Lake Victoria at Mwanza airport, Tanzania, on 3 February.

Source: Flight International