Tusas Aerospace Industries will modernise the Turkish air force's 13 Lockheed Martin C-130B/E transports under an agreement with Ankara's Defence Industries Undersecretariat. The aircraft will have new avionics equipment enabling them to operate safely in international airspace, with work on the first two to end within 30 months. The other 11 will be modernised at the air force's Kayseri maintenance centre by mid-2011.


Aerovironment is to deliver 12 lightweight Raven B unmanned air vehicle systems to the Italian army from late this month, each comprising three air vehicles and one ground control station. The hand-launched RQ-11B uses subsystems from Aerovironment's Pointer UAV already in Italian army service in Afghanistan and Iraq. The new design has improved electro-optical and infrared sensors and a laser illuminator and offers increased interoperability.


Israel Military Industries has conducted preliminary tests of an add-on wing kit that will extend the range of Boeing's Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) to over 80km (43nm). The company is seeking a risk-sharing partner to advance the work, after talks with Boeing failed to lead to an agreement on a joint programme.


The Australian Department of Defence expects to spend at least A$1.2 billion ($1 billion) on military simulation projects over the next decade, according to its new Defence Simulation Roadmap. The document seeks to set the course for achieving the DoD's vision for synthetic training over the next five, 10 and 15 years, and is expected to "stimulate a process of continual improvement," says Ed Kruzins, director general simulation for the Australian Defence Simulation Office. The document will be updated in late 2007 and then every three years.

Source: Flight International