Boeing has flown the second test aircraft in the US Air Force's C-130 avionics modernisation programme (AMP), with the updated C-130H2.5 having debuted from Lackland AFB in Texas on 25 March. The AMP is under review because of cost overruns and schedule delays.


Lockheed Martin has delivered a situational awareness datalink capability (SADL) for the US Air Force's upgraded Fairchild A-10C ground-attack aircraft, with the low-cost UHF datalink to be fielded from September. Lockheed has, meanwhile, received $70 million to continue development of the A-10C's SADL and Improved Data Modem until December 2009.


A C-130E transport acquired secondhand from Evergreen International to replace a Belgian air force Hercules destroyed in a Sabena Technics hangar fire last May has arrived at Brussels Zaventem airport. The platform will undergo refurbishment and enter service at Melsbroek airbase in October 2008.


Saab Aerospace has begun high-speed windtunnel testing of a 1:16th-scale model of Europe's Dassault-led Neuron unmanned combat air vehicle demonstrator. The latest configuration appears to have a reduced wing sweep and a more distinct fuselage section than earlier models.

Source: Flight International