Elbit Systems has secured a $220 million contract to supply guidance kits to an unnamed Asia-Pacific country.

Under the contract, announced on 29 June, the company says it will provide Lizard precision guidance kits, which can be fitted to existing ‘dumb’ munitions. The laser-guided system can also engage moving targets.


Source: Elbit Systems

Elbit’s Lizard precision guidance kit

Elbit’s website has this to say about Lizard: “Advanced seeker technology and tracking algorithms enable the Lizard to track the laser spot, even in the harshest conditions, while guiding the bomb to precisely strike even fast moving and manoeuvring targets at extended ranges.”

The contract will be performed over 15 months.

“There is an increase in the demand for our precision fire capabilities as high accuracy has become an operational imperative across all domain of operations,” says Elbit chief executive Bezhalel Machlis.

“Armed forces around the globe are requiring solutions that enable efficient conversion of ammunition stockpiles into a capability that is relevant in modern warfare, especially in light of lessons learned from recent military conflicts.”